My floral journey didn't start like most. I didn't grow up with an obsession for gardening, prancing through fields, or collecting an exorbitant amount of plants. In fact, years before starting my design path, floral arranging actually petrified me. I just could not get it. However, when I embarked on the journey of creating our sister company, Gabriela Pilar Events, I wanted us to stand out, and figured flowers were the way to do it.

Through self-training, pushing myself into uncomfortable learning curves, and seizing freelance opportunities, Pilar Floral is what it is today because of the grittiness encountered along our journey. 

What started as a strategy to set us apart has transformed into an integral part of my identity. Pilar Floral is a celebration of overcoming fears and embracing the unexpected.

Our approach to floral design is straightforward – we're here to craft an artistic experience. Consider our arrangements as the intriguing guests at a gathering, sparking conversations and leaving a lasting impression. Embracing a modern take on the timeless garden-style aesthetic, we add a dash of personality – a little offbeat, a touch quirky, and a whole lot of allure.

What inspires us? Everything under the sun! From the structured lines of architecture to the palettes of fashion, the tactility of textiles, the strokes of art, and the comfort of interior design – our floral designs draw inspiration from the world's vibrant tapestry.

At Pilar Floral, we're up for any event – whether it's an intimate soirée or a grand affair for 200+. No challenge is too big or small; we relish the opportunity to bring your vision to life, bloom by bloom.

Thank you for being here and we can't wait for the chance to work with you create a design that blends edgy flair with timeless sophistication! 

Hi, I'm Gabi

Meet The designer

Reem & Mohammed

“I couldn’t have imagined it more beautifully! The design spoke to me on a personal level. ”

Stephanie & James

“To say that Gabi and her team delivered is an understatement. The day of our wedding, we stepped into a fairytale.!”

What they’re saying

We emphasize the significance of flowers at your event, not merely for a momentary impact but to narrate a captivating story. Imagine an event without the touch of floral artistry – no matter how stunning the venue, it lacks a certain magic, feeling bare and utterly overlooked. We ensure your occasion tells a complete and unforgettable tale through thoughtfully curated floral details.

If the below statements resonate with you, then you're our perfect client!

our philosophy

You realize the flowers at your event are more than just flowers. It is an imperative key detail to telling the story of your event or love story.

You want your design to elevate the architectural ambiance of your venue without overshadowing its innate beauty. Our designs seamlessly integrate with the surroundings, enhancing the venue's aesthetics while preserving its natural allure.

You're not afraid to push the envelope and try something different. You may crave color or neutrals, but ulimately want it to feel one-of-a-kind, while incorporating interesting textures and ingredients making your arrangements a conversation piece.

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